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There are several areas where your donations make a significant difference:

Your generous contributions play a vital role in supporting our mission to provide a safe haven for our beloved spirit animals. Your donations directly impact their well-being and enable us to maintain a nurturing environment for them to thrive.


Your contribution towards hay ensures that our spirit animals have an ample supply of nutritious forage, keeping them healthy and content.

Veterinary Care

Your donations help us provide essential medical attention, vaccinations, and regular check-ups for our spirit animals. It ensures they receive the best care possible and any necessary treatments to maintain their overall health.


Your support helps us maintain and enhance our animal enclosures, creating safe and comfortable spaces for our spirit animals to roam freely. Your contributions help us improve their living conditions and promote their well-being.

Dog Food

Some of our spirit animals have specialized dietary requirements, including specific dog food. Your donations enable us to provide them with a balanced diet, meeting their nutritional needs and ensuring they are well-fed.


Our sanctuary often requires transportation services for various purposes, such as rescuing animals in need or relocating them to suitable habitats. Your contributions help cover the costs associated with transporting our spirit animals safely and efficiently.


Donations towards fuel assist us in maintaining our vehicles and machinery, ensuring we can continue operating smoothly. It allows us to reach remote areas for animal rescues and provide necessary services to our spirit animals.